About us

Health Biologic Technology is a young company, established in 2005 and irrespective of such a short time period, we have proved ourselves as a recognized leader in providing innovative supplements for health improvement.

Health Biologic Technology focused on developing and implementing new products that allow keeping a high level of physical condition and health at any age. It also carries out in-depth research of the drugs that already existing on the market, with the aim of improving of their use.

The company has a number of new unique products that make life easier and better for many people.

Since 2010, Health Biologic Technology has been involved in the development of new products for athletes and people who conduct an active way of life that allow to empower healthy living and keep physical condition at a high level at all ages.

The production capacity and laboratory of the company are located in the city of Liege, Belgium, in an environmentally clean area of Science Park. Here are located the research centers of cosmonautics, microelectronics and biotechnology.

The company counts on a team of highly-qualified and professional specialists in medicine, pharmacology, physiology and biotechnology, together with the most modern equipment and high-tech processes ensure that our products conform to the highest standards of purity and efficiency.